Wednesday November 26, 2014

Chamber President Sal Otanez (R) and Fred Kriesel (L), Executive
Director present  backpacks to Angie Alvarez of the Santa
Cruz County School District




The Rio Rico Chamber of Commerce held a school supply drive for donations to the McKinney-Vento students in the Santa Cruz County school district.

Over $800 in cash and supplies were donated through
the Chamber's Monday Night Bingo players,
Elgin/Sonoita Cowbelles, and The Rio Rico Produce Depot.

Rio Rico Chamber of Commerce Online

Rio Rico is a Southeastern Arizona community of approximately 18,000 residents. Business opportunities abound. With an elevation of 3500 feet the community enjoys sunshine almost every day, making Rio Rico a great place to live and work. The Chamber strives to promote a prosperous business environment with continued growth through community involvement in holiday festivities, promotional activities, and business networking.


Rio Rico is in an area where Spanish and Indian families lived generations before the American Revolution and where Arizona history began. Area attractions include Tumacacori National Monument, visited by Father Kino in 1691; Tubac Presidio, established in 1752 by the Spanish; the walking/equestrian "Anza trail" along Juan Bautista de Anza's route; Aliso Springs, a Mexican ranch site and the site of prehistoric occupation; Salero Mine; and Santa Rita Hacienda, a mining/ranching center during Spanish and Mexican periods. Also nearby are Fort Crittendon, Duquesne and Washington Camp ghost towns, Pena Blanca and Patagonia Lakes, Madera Canyon, Mt. Wrightson and Coronado National Forest. The Calabasas Mission Ruins, located in Rio Rico, were dedicated to the National Park Service in 1997.

Join us and discover the high quality of living and working in Rio Rico to be enjoyed by your business, and family.

Rio Rico, “Rich River” in Spanish, a planned community covering 39,000 acres in Santa Cruz County, Arizona, is located 10 miles north of the US/Mexico International border and 55 miles south of Tucson. Rio Rico sits at the foot of San Cayetano Mountain which soars 6500 feet above the Santa Cruz valley. With an elevation of 3500 feet the Santa Cruz Valley and Rio Rico enjoy a moderate year round climate. With a temperature usually 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix’s “Valley of the Sun”, Rio Rico is an oasis in the desert. The sun shines almost every day and the golf courses seldom miss a day of play.

Its close proximity to Nogales and the Mexican border allows for short excursions into Mexico. This location makes Rio Rico and the Valley a destination for day trippers as well as weekend visitors.

With a current population exceeding 18,000 Rio Rico retains its rural splendor. The Santa Cruz River, which flows year around, provides refuge to a wide variety of native wildlife. As you traverse the rural roads you may encounter coyotes, hawks, fox, javelinas and deer. This bucolic environment also provides a home for many migrating birds. Bird watching has become a large attraction for visitors to the area. The wetlands that are formed along the Santa Cruz River provide a refuge to many species of wetland birds including ducks and herons. Hang a feeder and the various species of the hummingbird will keep you entertained for hours with their humorous flying antics.

The community was established in 1969 and was originally part of the Baca Float Land Grant. The Luis Maria Baca family was granted 100,000 acres from the government of Spain. Subsequently granted by the Congress to the heirs of Luis Maria Baca, it was divided into approximately 25,000 lots known as Rio Rico. That was equal to one lot for every man, woman and child then living in the entire County of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz County’s total population was 29,676 in 1990 and by 2005 was estimated at 46.500. Rio Rico grew from 1,400 residents in 1990 to the current estimate of 20,000. The population increases in the winter with vacationers who come to enjoy the magnificent weather, the fantastic golf, the majestic sunsets, and some of the best star watching available anywhere.Rio Rico defines the casual, relaxing lifestyle of the Southwest with the added bonus of being within easy reach of a major city.



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